Wedding Wiz: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

By | January 27, 2011

Jennifer McMenamin is the kind of person who LOVES her job. She’s been featured in The New York Times, The Knot, Baltimore Bride, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, Baltimore Magazine, and The Baltimore Sun and for good reason.  Her photos are ahh-mazing.

about jennifer:

“My aunt was a professional photographer, so cameras were always a part of my family growing up. I studied journalism at the University of Maryland and worked for more than a decade as a writer and reporter at newspapers, primarily in Minnesota and Maryland. In 2005, I took a leave of absence from my job as a courts reporter at The Baltimore Sun to study at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in my husband’s hometown of Missoula, Montana. I had only really dabbled in wedding photography up until that point — mostly with friends who knew I almost always had a camera on my shoulder and asked me to take pictures at their weddings. But when I returned to Baltimore after photography school, I decided make a serious go of shooting weddings. I did a little second shooting for other photographers and worked for a well-established studio in Bethesda as an associate photographer while also juggling my own photography business and my job at the newspaper. In 2008, I decided to choose the job that made me happy and have been working exclusively as a weddings and portrait photographer since.

It’s a job that I love — and one that I take extremely seriously. I still get goosebumps listening to a beautiful set of vows or witnessing and documenting the pure, unbridled emotion of a wedding day. Video is nice and family snapshots certainly have their place. But nothing compares, I think, to beautifully composed photographs that capture real moments from your wedding day. Nothing will help you remember how you were feeling at a particular moment in time the way a still shot does. I am thrilled and humbled every time a pair of clients entrust me with such an important part of their history together.

about jennifer’s photos:

“My photography style is very artistic documentary. What that means to me is that I will primarily document a wedding day as it unfolds. I won’t direct my clients to jump together or fold their hands just so on top of a bouquet or dip each other in the middle of an empty road. I’m happy to photograph all of those things if that’s what my clients want to do. But their wedding day is about them and the way they have fun together and show affection for each other. With that said, I won’t hesitate to clean up a room a little before I photograph a bride getting ready or ask her to turn toward the window as she’s getting dressed to take advantage of beautiful light or give nervous couples a few suggestions on how to arrange themselves or what to do when we first start shooting together. When I make portraits of the bride and groom together, I’ll often pick a spot with the best light, casually pose them and then step back with a long lens while they enjoy a few moments together. The best images, I think, are made when my clients are simply enjoying each other and their day, unaware of — or at least less conscious of — the fact that they are being photographed.

Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Click below for more of Jennifer’s photos from the Belvedere.

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